Our Philosophy and Approach to the conservation treatment

Our core team members have a minimum of 15 years' experience in conservation treatment methodologies. Each member possesses the background in chemistry, materials science and technology, art history and artistic techniques required of an excellent conservator, as well as relevant crafts and trades such as masonry, carpentry and metalworking. The depth and breadth of knowledge we bring to a project allows us to conduct a thorough and accurate analysis before treatment. It assures our clientele that the agreed-upon treatment recommendations and scope of work will be implemented accurately and professionally. Individually and collectively, our knowledge  base permits Aegis Restauro to modify procedures efficiently when the requirements of an object or  a situation demand.

At Aegis Restauro, our approach to conservation is one of  minimal intervention. We structure treatments to begin with the mildest techniques and materials first, moving to stronger solvents and methods only if necessary. We strive to retain the historic appearance of an object while removing detrimental matter, dirt and stains and assuring structural and surface stability of the object and its visual integrity.

We believe that, with appropriate maintenance, our treatments will provide lasting results for many years. Accepted conservation techniques, proper materials, familiarity with structural and chemical damage that may be occurring in the object help us to avoid damage often encountered on objects that have been treated by less knowledgeable or experienced contractors.




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